Membership of OSW is free!

Becoming part of the OSW network only requires you to provide the details of your organisation and what orchard-related services or facilities you can offer or require. There is no cost.

To join in, you just need to fill in our membership application form. Alternatively, you may contact one of the members of the OSW Working Group shown on our Contact Us page.

Members might like to know that they can advertise events free of charge on this website.Visit the Events page for more details.

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Welcome to Orchards SouthWest (OSW), a network of non-commercial orchard owners and organisations in the south west of England who cooperate to share and benefit from the knowledge and experience which they individually possess.

The South West of England buzzes with orchard activities. There are literally scores of groups, that’s hundreds of people, involved with orchards in different ways.

But groups don’t know much about each other, they don’t communicate, they seldom meet and they rarely co-operate. A lot of brilliant work goes unrecognised. Now there is a new network, Orchards SouthWest, the central feature of which is a database of its members. Find out about it, see who is involved, and take part in strengthening orchard activities across the region.


The Future of OSW - Mixed News

Orchards SouthWest came about when it looked as though the national Orchards Network would not develop as many people hoped. A meeting at Killerton attracted a good number of participants who saw the need for a regional website to list organisations, to describe their activities and to provide an opportunity for promoting activities. In other words a networking tool.

The website has been running for three years, lists nearly sixty Orchards SouthWest members and their services, and receives quite a number of ‘hits’. However, members have not updated their information and very few have used it to promote activities. (Any outsider looking at the Events Calendar in this month of Apple Days would conclude the organisation and most of its members were moribund). Funding to maintain the website is running out. Appeals for help have led to few responses, -while there is gratitude for those who offered, there has not been sufficient help to take forward Orchards SouthWest over the last year.

Recently the organisation People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) has updated the Orchards Network website with an impressive list of Community Orchards. It provides links to their websites or facebooks. Please have a look at it, Community Orchards.

It is our intention to remove the OSW website in Spring 2017 and thereby to discontinue the organisation. Until then, all of the current facilities on this website, uncluding the members' database will continue to be available. If members wish to advertise events, they may do so until the site closes.

Michael Gee, 9th February 2017.

Note: We expect this website to close by 5th April 2017

About OSW Members


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Orchards SouthWest now has a membership of 47 and these include:

Existing members:

  • Is your membership information up to date? If not, please email us with the changes.
  • Do you have any photos of orchard-related events or activities that could be placed on this website? If so, please email it/them to us.
  • Do you know of any other non-commercial orchard groups or individuals who might like to join OSW? If so, please let us know.
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